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Due to a drought that did not provide any measurable rain amounts between the end of May and the
end of Aug, irrigation was used on a weekly basis beginning on 18 May and continuing on a 7-day
schedule until 14 Sept.

ReTain (333 gm/a) was applied to the block on 29 July, approximately 4-5 weeks before anticipated

On 16 Sept. Hurricane Floyd hit our site with 23mph sustained winds and contained gusts up to 65
mph. It also dropped 10.57" of rain on our site. Due to the application of ReTain, fruit harvest had
not yet begun, and storm damage was severe. Overall fruit drop was around 3%, but 10 trees were
blown over due to high wind gusts and a full crop load. Of those trees blown over, all but three were
salvaged. An M26 was a clean break at the graft union.

All data has been collected for 1999. Leaf and soil samples were collected for analysis.

Two trees on B469 and one on M 26 were lost in Hurricane Floyd. All three were clean breaks at the
graft union.

Most of the trees on Mark are showing a rapid decline in tree health with the root containing an
abnormal amount of swelling at the soil line which occupy severe dogwood borer infestations. Due to
this decline Mark had the smallest average fruit weight in 1999 with an average of 100 gm/fruit.

P.2 and (M9)Pajam 1 is showing sensitivity to our heavy soils with two trees of each showing partial
root death.

One tree of Ottawa 3 was lost this year from root rot(Phytophthora spp.).

All yield data is preliminary as statistical analysis is still pending.
V1 attained the highest cumulative fruit yields this season with an average harvest of 91.921 kg. per
tree. (M9)Nicolai 29 had the second highest cumulative yield with 90.334 kg/tree, and maintained the
second largest average fruit size at 170 grams/fruit along with (M9) Pajam 1, also with 170
grams/fruit. The largest fruit weight was attained by M26 EMLA with an average fruit size of 180
grams/fruit, and also had the third highest cumulative yield at 86.71 kg/tree.
Yield efficiency has not yet been evaluated for the '99 season.

Usefulness of Findings:
Although we are evaluating the highly productive nature of (M9) Pajam 1, we may be reconfirming a
previously evaluated sensitivity to heavy, poorly drained soils.

Work Planned for Next Year:
Further evaluation and documentation of rootstock sensitivity to Phytophthoraspp. That we
discovered for the first time in this trial during the 1999 growing season with (M9) Pajam 1, Ottawa 3
and P.2. which may provide stronger documentation as to how these rootstocks perform in heavy soil

1999 North Jersey Tree Fruit Annual Report