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Experiment 2:

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Thinrite (endothall)1.5 pt/100 gal (adjusted to TRV)
No more than 100 gpa water. Apply between 50% and 80% FB

Amid Thin W(NAD)50 ppm (adjusted to TRV)
Apply as a single tank mix spray at petal fall - early fruit set stage

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The timing of the Thinrite (endothall)
applications were made at 80% full bloom of
the latest blooming cultivar on 6 May.
Endothall was applied at 3x concentrate (85
gpa). Treatments were applied at a speed of
2.8 MPH at 250 PSI as calibrated. The
timing of the Amid Thin (NAD) treatment
was left to the discretion of the grower based
on weather conditions and his past experience
with NAD performance. The Amid Thin
treatments were applied dilute (250 gpa) on
15 May. This treatment date occurred in the
middle of a four-day period of full sun with
daytime maximum temperatures averaging

Table 3: Cultivars and treatments, Experiment 2.
Note: Not all varieties received all three treatments. The determination of cultivar treatments was again
left up to the grower's discretion in order to accommodate his management practices.

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Cultivar Treatment
GoldSpur Golden DeliciousThinrite
GoldSpur Golden DeliciousUntreated Control

Stayman 201
Stayman 201

Amid Thin

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The untreated control received no chemical or mechanical thinning agents during the 1999-growing